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Re: Feature Request: Roku Sleep Timer (In * Options Menu)

Agreed.  It would be far more neater in appearance & actual usage.  Too bad it's not likely to happen.

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Re: Feature Request: Roku Sleep Timer (In * Options Menu)

I am totally new at this Roku, received as a present from my daughter, two weeks ago.

I am in no way a technical expert and I am looking for help, in spite of the fact that I have read trough many threads/posts here on this forum. 

It is the Roku "Express".

For starters, I need to know: when I am finished watching a movie/show and get out of the Roku/Netflix (for example), how do I know if the "streaming" will continue (or not) and gobbling all my data limits? There is a faint little blueish light on the unit that stays ON for ages, it seems. Where do I have to go in the settings to make sure that it does stop streaming after using it for, let's say, two hours?

Then, I've just found out today that the unit does NOT connect to the 5G Hz, only 2.4 ... that really sucks! But that would be a different topic.

Any comment(s)/suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance and stay well !


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