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Feature Request Roku Channel: Watch Next List, Streaming History, etc.

I can’t understanding something. Roku is massively popular, yet its Channel app features are WAY behind the times in the following ways:

— Every free and paid streaming service except for Roku offers the ability to create a “watch next” list that users can add movies/tv to save for watching later.

— Roku doesn’t have a watch history.

— The search NEVER works properly even when I know content exists in Roku’s own database by a particular name or actor.

— There’s no way to click on a director/actor’s name on a particular tv/movie page (ie: hyperlinked actor/director names) where it’ll search for everything in Roku’s database by that actor/director. 

— There’s no trending information. There is a “popular on Roku” feed on the landing page, but I can’t imagine that’s like Netflix’s Top 10 movies this week (which changes in real-time) based on the obscure movies that show up. They 

— The “Last Xhnace to Watxh Free” is 

— There’s no way to search by a genre, language, and other popular search criteria. If we don’t see the genre, etc. on the landing page (which constantly changes — one day a genre is there, the next day it’s not!), oh well. 

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