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Level 7

Feature Request: Redesign remote with mute button

The location of the Mute button is HORRIBLE!  Keep hitting it by accident all the time.  It should either be way above volume up and down or much farther below those buttons.  VERY ANNOYING!!

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Level 10

Re: Feature Request: Redesign remote with mute button

Easy, Unmistakable Access to the remote button is critical. When any of the FREQUENT ads that come on, before watching content in MANY Roku channels, cutting that sound sound off is imperative. Plus, while on one channel, we have to see the same video over and over, and muting it instantly helps to endure the pain of seeing that same ad, again and again.

I sometimes wonder if cable companies are influenced by clients to put their mute buttons small and not large, and not in a central ergonomic easy to reach location. Robot tongue

2018 Ultra 4660 - 9.3.0-4143-46
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