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Level 7

Feature Request: Philips hue entertainment area

Philips Hue (smart lights) now have a functionality called entertainment area that control the smart lights around the TV to display colors based on the TV content (like an amblight TV).

Currently to take advantage of this feature you need windows or Mac... Would be very interesting if roku could start a partnership with philiphs to direct control the lights from the roku system.

No other major TV dongle currently support this feature (Apple, Google, Amazon) and implementing this would create a very interesting marketable approach over the other brands.

Pretty please? Smiley Tongue

I would switch to a new dongle just because of this feature and I am sure that a lot of people would like this

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Philips hue entertainment area

YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! This needs to HAPPEN!!!! With more people starting to switch to smart lights with colors, this is a MUST!