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Feature Request: Password manager

Frequently an app requires that you re-sign on. Other then a bother, not an issue if it happens to me. But if it happens to my wife and I'm not available it is a problem. Has Roku ever considered an online Roku password manager?

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Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Password manager

I second tghedlin's request.  Even better would be for the web browser interface to support login and pw management for the various channels so I can do it on my PC with a real keyboard and mouse.  Plus I use the Chrome p/w manager so if I could rely on it to generate, store, and populate the login and p/w fields in the web browser interface that would be awesome.  Then I could use the machine generated p/w from Chrome (which is just random characters that I'll never remember and are PITA to input using the Roku remote) and once I login using the web browser interface, the Roku p/w manager would learn the login and p/w for that channel.  Then if a given channel asks for a login/pw it would be stored and I could select to use it using the Roku remote.

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