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Feature Request: Parental Controls

Many other content services have a top level of parental controls (controls that go beyond deferring to the individual app controls) as well as providing feedback and analytics on content accessed/usage. For example, my Google account has a Family Link option that allows me to manage the screen time of my kid's phone, the apps they are allowed to access/install, the duration for which an app may be used and then provides me with details on which apps were accessed, for how long, etc. I can and do utilize the parental controls within the App, for example YoutTube, to filter out the content that is curated for them.

However, I really think that Roku should implement a top level of controls that goes beyond what apps can be installed (restricted with a PIN) and the rating of the content that is viewed.

Please consider creating this Parent Portal for us parents to sleep easy that our kids do not have access to content that the parent feels is not acceptable and to better understand how our Roku is being used by our kids.

Thanks in advance.

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