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Level 8

Feature Request: Linked devices display sort

I have several Linked Roku devices. Although the apps add and delete automatically across linked devices, the sort order does not. An Option to Sync the order in which the apps appear across multiple linked devices plus the ability to sort apps alphabetical would be great. If I move an app position the linked devices should have the ability to sync that move if sync is set to auto.

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Level 7

Unified Channel Organization and Configuration

Please make channel organization and adding/removing channels a unified experience across all devices!  Having to organize channels across multiple devices is a tedious process.  I have seen similar posts regarding channel organization and the responses generally inquire about how many channels the poster has.   This is irrelevant!  Regardless if I have a handful of channels or hundreds, this is about a quality user experience!

To take it one step further it would be nice to have the concept of user accounts on the Roku with their own customized channels and layout.

I am very happy with the number and availability of channels as well as the performance of my Roku devices but the user experience on the home screen is definitely lacking.  Please put some development effort in this area!


Thank you!


Level 7

Re: Feature Request: Linked devices display sort

Yes!! We need both options, actually… sort alphabetically if you want, but definitely sync across devices on the same network 



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