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Channel Surfer

Re: Feature Request: Adding YouTube TV Command to Roku Ultra

This is a complaint that should be directed to YouTube TV. They have the worst interface of all of the streaming services. I personally want it to default to the Live TV grid. I also want it to default to the last channel I was watching, not some random channel that I never watch. 


Re: Feature Request: Adding YouTube TV Command to Roku Ultra

And to add to the clunky interface issues, why, when watching live tv and going back to the guide does it reset to the beginning of the channel lineup?  I want to open guide at the channel I’m on and I will navigate from there.  

question for harmony remote owners.  Has anyone tried using the Roku remote to program one of the two programmable buttons with a voice command to launch YouTube tv and then use IR to copy the button to the harmony remote?  If that works I’m ready for a harmony remote. 


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Roku Guru

Re: Feature Request: Adding YouTube TV Command to Roku Ultra

I know this is an old topic, but still no solution exists.

I understand that for a "direct" channel key, Roku charges channels to put a button on a remote, associated with a remote code for that specific channel.

On newer remotes, there's the option for "personal shortcuts." These always send the same code from the remote, but the Roku itself can be set to act differently for those codes, including going to any given channel. The problem is, these codes apparently only work with Roku remotes via WiFi Direct, there is no associated IR code which could be used by a universal remote. In searching, it looks like there was for a while, but that was later removed by Roku.

So, what I would like to see is IR codes associated with personal shortcuts implemented. That would provide a "universal" solution which would allow users to create a shortcut to any channel (and other things for which there are no IR codes).

(If someone is aware that such IR shortcuts do indeed exist, please provide info such as the EFCs for UEI remotes or ???)

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