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Feature Request: Add PIP (PIcture In Picture)

Please add an option for PIP So we can add things like a PIP with the options to show an IP camera feed when someone touches the doorbell at our front door.
Or, view one channel in the TV guide and PIP another.
Most TV's sold today to not have this feature but it could be one more reason to own a ROKU!
Thank you.

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Re: Feature Request: Add PIP (PIcture In Picture)

I like to watch Youtube feeds for SpaceX rocket launches. Being able to watch both the SpaceX official channel and a commentary channel like EveryDay Astronaut - and being able to flip between them - would be great. This would be a HUGE feature addition for Roku. Roku Ultra Ultra? Roku Ultra x2? Oh, please make it happen...

Conceptually, this wouldn't rely on any sort of capability within the TV/monitor you're using. This would need the Roku box itself to be able to stream two distinct feeds and then manage compositing them into the HDMI output to the screen. Add a dedicated PIP button into the remote and Roku would have an absolutely killer product that (as far as I know) nobody else has.