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Disable guest mode? Better parental controls?

Before I start, I like some features and I think things like guest mode is a cool idea. BUT, there are not enough controls on this mess. I have a very smart 7 year old that loves to go in and mess with the settings all the time and I can’t keep him out since you can’t lock the settings… (and even if you could, he memorizes pins in that second you can see them before they turn to asterisks) and guest mode has become the absolute bane of my life. I hate it. I’m nearly ready to get rid of Roku forever and go back to cable just because of guest mode. He goes in and turns it on multiple times a day, and then it takes ages to restart the Roku and get out of it… and going into guest mode seems to automatically log you out of all your channels in your regular profile, so then I’m stuck having to log into stuff all day every day to fix it… guest mode is making me need anxiety medication. 

A similar issue is just the fact that he has the ability to log out of channels. This probably isn’t really fixable, but it’s an annoyance. We don’t have multiple Netflix or Hulu acounts and I wish I could somehow disable the ability to log out. 

But seriously Roku. This guest mode thing has to go. Some of us, unfortunately, just aren’t blessed in that way and we don’t have guests. Ever. Please, please for the sake of my sanity, make this a feature that we can completely disable on the website if it’s not needed so it won’t be selectable as an option and my child can stop turning it on 13 times a day. 

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