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Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

As discussed here, there are many who would like to have the ability to disable autoplay in the "Roku Channel" so that when the episode you are watching is finished, the next one won't start automatically.  Many other channels on the Roku (like Netflix) have this option.  I know some like this feature for binge watching, but many others don't so allowing you to choose your preference would be nice.

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Level 8

Re: Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

If Roku truly listened to their customers, this option would have been implemented many years ago. Unfortunately the 'powers that be' at Roku are like all other corporations in the world, the only thing they care about is their 'bottom line' and profit margin. As long as Autoplay can help generate more advertising dollars this option to turnoff Autoplay will never be made available.

Level 7

Re: Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

.....just purchased Roku stick+ Express 4k August 6, 2021 Walmart $38.00.

Starting watching on the Roku channel: Alfred Hitchcock Series, fell asleep and awaken on episode 7.

FRUSTRATING...................NO TURN OFF AUTO PLAY AVAILABLE for the Roku Channel ??????? 

Level 7

Re: Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

AGREED!!!  Roku isn’t getting any ad dollars if we are not watching the autoplayed episodes  anyway so please give us the choice!  

Level 7

Re: Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

Roku channel needs a setting to turn off "autoplay" like Acorn, Netflix, Prime, Hulu and PBS.  It will make the viewing must better and would encourage viewers to recommend and buy Roku streamers.

Level 7

Re: Disable Autoplay in the "Roku Channel"

I just submitted a "Support Request". Figure it's worth it to be heard somewhere, and maybe if lots of people inundate them with requests, they may eventually fix this. 

Here's what I wrote at

I've been watching the Roku channel on my desktop at night and need to turn Auto Play off. It stays on playing all night. When I watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. on my Roku, it doesn't play forever, though. And of course YouTube and other online video sites offer the same option to have it on or off. But I don't see it on the Roku. Where is it? If it doesn't exist, when will you fix that and add it? Thanks!