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Aquarium Screensaver needs sound

We have plain ol’ regular Roku, nothing fancy, and we love it. We esp like the ability to have themes. We have our screensaver set to Aquarium and it often plays as we work around the house. Would it be possible to make it have sound? Sounding like an aquarium? With the bubbles and the hum of the pump? Today my dtr figured out how to open a screensaver on Utube on her phone and connect that to our sound bar, so the aquarium has sound. But everything else you do on Roku produces a sound. Why not the screensaver??


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Re: Aquarium Screensaver needs sound

Hi @Mammacuster,

A warm welcome here in the Roku Community!

We will be more than happy to assist you further with this inquiry. Please be advised that a screensaver is an application that fills the TV screen with moving images or patterns when your Roku streaming player or Roku TV is not in use. Screensavers were originally designed to prevent phosphor burn-in on older TVs but are now used primarily for entertainment. As of the moment, we don't have that kind of feature yet to put a sound on the screen saver. Our constant goal is to give our clients the smoothest possible streaming experience and ease of use. We will forward this to the relevant Roku team for their consideration. We appreciate your feedback and want to thank you again for it.

If you need anything else, please keep us posted.

Kind regards,


Roku Community Moderator