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Ability to "half-mute", or reduce volume by 50% using mute button

Hi folks,

We have this cheap Toshiba-branded TV from Best Buy with the coolest feature I have yet to see on other TVs - half mute.

  • When I press the mute button once, it reduces the current volume by half the current value
  • When I press mute once more in succession, it silences the volume as Mute traditionally does
  • When I press mute once, wait ~5 seconds, and press it a second time, it turns off half mute and restores full volume, rather than activating full mute

The benefit here is that, during a commercial or boring part of a show, we are more likely to turn the volume down rather than off, so we don't miss when it comes back or anything that might catch our ears.

I have a TLC Roku TV that I would love to utilize this feature on.

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