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Re: YouTube going to black screen

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Because it doesn't work for everyone. That box is unchecked on my Roku TV and I still get blackscreen on Utube. My symptoms are a little different. The Utube leading ad plays ok then when it ends or gets skipped, screen goes black. Audio ok. If I then back out of the video and click it again, it plays ok. 

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Re: YouTube videos keep starting with black screen--HDMI issue?

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TCL model 65R635

Software 12.5.5 build 4177-88

Device ID S05FY091ANUH

I have already deleted Utube, reset TV and reinstalled Utube. 


Re: YouTube Screen Going Black Every Few Seconds

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Omg! Thank you so much! I haven't been able to use youtube on my roku for over a year now. I have looked and looked and tried everything that was suggested to fix the problem and nothing worked until now. Once I shut off the 1-touch option in the system settings it now works! I really wish that roku would let other people know how to fix thos problem and that someone who owns a roku found the right solution to fixing this problem. Again thank you and thank you to who ever the person is who found the solution!!!

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YT vids play on TV from YT app BUT…

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YouTube videos appear using AirPlay on my television (with my Roku) but only If I initiate it from within the YT application.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I can’t watch Patreon when it tries to link to YT and just now I’m trying to watch a YT video from a website also is not possible. When I attempt to do that, it asks me to enter a code. Once the code is entered, I can see that it says connected to my phone, shows the video’s title on the TV black screen, but I’m only shown that I’m receiving audio on the TV’s screen. However, there’s no audio. Even though it shows that it should be appearing on my TV, it’s still actually plays and has sound only on my iPhone (even though even the TV video’s status bar shows its progress as if it’s playing fine).

I’m am able to watch videos downloaded to my phone on my TV without a problem.

Also, just recently I had no issues watching Patreon linked to YT videos or any other website linked them. This problem just recently appeared and isn’t even intermittent as I can only play things now through the YT app.

So the problem seems to only be watching YT videos that are embedded in other sites such as Patreon or any site on the net. Does anyone know a fix for this problem?

much appreciated!

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Re: YouTube videos keep starting with black screen

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Still waiting, still an issue. 

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