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Unable to screen mirror on Roku device

Whenever I click the screen mirror button on my iPhone it is unable to find the Roku device. I checked all the settings and AirPlay is turned on and both devices are connected to the same wifi. The only difference is the ip for both devices is slightly different (only the last section of numbers are different) I’m thinking that maybe my wifi doesn’t allow devices to see each other but I don’t think that is the case since all of my other home devices have no issues connecting to each other

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Re: Unable to screen mirror on Roku device

I can't help with the mirroring issue, but I can clear up any confusion about the IP addresses.  What you're seeing implies both devices are on the same network.  There's four numbers comprising an IPv4 address separated by periods.  For simplicity, the first 3 give the network and the last is unique to each device on the network.  For example, two devices: and - same network and - different network; won't be able to communicate with each other

In addition, depending on router settings wired devices may be able to communicate with each other while wireless devices cannot.

Since you say your other home devices can connect to each other I assume some if not all are wireless, so it's probably not a router issue.  Maybe someone else has an idea.  Maybe a phone setting?  I know use of a VPN on a phone can mess things up.  I've had little to no luck with mirroring, but I have nothing Apple.

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