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Tv keeps shutting off and restarting

Ever since I experienced a power outage at my home the roku tv in my bedroom continues to randomly shut off and restart itself. Sometimes it will go off once then restart itself, shut off multiple times back to back (shut off-restart-shut off-restart), or shut off inn intervals (it will be on and I’ll be watching something -it will shut off then restart-work normally for 10 min or so then repeat). I’ve factory reset the tv and checked to make sure it is all up to date and that it is properly connected to the internet but it still continues to do this and it has become very frustrating. What can I do to fix this issue??????

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Roku Guru

Re: Tv keeps shutting off and restarting

First of all Roku doesn’t make TV’s. They make the The operating system and sell it to manufacturers such as TCL, ONN, Sharp and Hisense. Your TV Manufacturer should be one of those I listed. But electronic devices are usually only covered for up to 12 months. If it’s been over 12 months you’re out of warranty and there’s not much you can do. I take it it was not plugged into a surge protector? Any electronic device such as that should always be plugged into a surge protector. You can contact your TV manufacturer and see if there’s something they can do for you. If the TV is actually shutting off that sounds like an internal power supply issue. Something probably took a jolt of electricity in the power outage. 

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