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Reel Rookie

Sudden HDCP error for select channels

I know how to troubleshoot.  I have recently added channels to my Roku Ultra.  Everything worked fine for about a week. 

I can currently access the Home screen and other screens from the vertical menu on the left. 

I can also access HBOMAX, SHOanytime and Amazon Prime channels (I haven't checked every channel for operability, but three successes are a sufficient representative sample.)  They were added immediately after connecting the Ultra in January 2022.

Only a week after the latest channels were installed (in early March), those channels now get the HDCP error. 

If the HDMI cable or the TV was bad, then I wouldn't be able to see the Home page or HBOMAX, SHO and Prime channels.

The cable came with the Roku.  The TV is an older Sharp.  Neither should matter if the connection was fine previously and nothing was physically touched. 

Since other Ultra users have had similar issues, it must be a Roku Ultra hardware or software issue.

Thoughts?  Is there a limit on channels? I have 31 installed including the 3 Roku channels. 

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Sudden HDCP error for select channels


No, there really isnt any limit on the number of channels. (eventually the device's memory will be filled, though).

Unfortunately, I think everone just gets forwarded to this article. (What to do if you see an “HDCP Error Detected” message or a purple screen -

It just seems that some content and Channel/apps are more sensitive to others to being triggered.  Other than manually assigning a Display Type rather than Auto Detect in the Roku Settings (Settings/Display Type), I do not think I have actually seen an actual universal fix for this issue.

It is just seems to be the nature of the beast with HDCP and Roku.  My TVs are set to 720 and 1080p and I have never received these messages but I also use some of the older Roku devices.  Unfortunately, I have not seen any updates other than what is mentioned regarding Display Type and the other info in the above article of resolving this issue.

Maybe others can provide you some additional info.

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Reel Rookie

Re: Sudden HDCP error for select channels

Thanks for the response.

Your reply reminded me that I forgot to mention that I accessed Display Type after getting the error and manually entered 720p and I got the same results (when I performed the initial set up back in January, I used Auto Detect.)

In other words, I am getting the HDCP error regardless of Display Type selected.

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Re: Sudden HDCP error for select channels

Just to be sure, when manually setting the display type (note the part I've highlighted) ...

Settings > Display type

When you change the Display type to a new setting it runs you through several screens:

  • A screen where you can choose from the available options on that device.
  • A screen where it analyzes your choice to be sure your tv supports it, then gives the option of trying that choice if you wish.
  • A screen with a countdown timer and two choices:
        Yes, screen looks good
        No, I will choose a different setting
    The "No" option is highlighted by default. To keep the screen resolution you're currently trying, you need to arrow up to the "Yes" option and click on it before the timer runs out.

I'd hate to tell you how many times my attempts failed before I noticed that last step.


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