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Stick 4k pink hatches/lines

I'm having some weird issues with a Roku Stick 4k that I just got. Below is a picture of an example of one of the problems. I'm getting this weird pink hatching that is usually in the background but sometimes it will appear over icons both on the home screen and in some apps.

I will also sometimes not have channel icons show up at all. Or sometimes the box that is supposed to be around the channel icon doesn't show up so it's difficult to know what channel is highlighted.

I know it's not the TV (besides the obvious nature of the issue), as I have tested this exact same input with my PS5 and it's fine. 

I have factory reset the Roku and power cycled it as well, but it's still doing it. I have also tried changing the resolution. Before I take it back to the store, I wanted to make sure there isn't anything else to try. My Best Buy is sold out so I'd have to order another one. 

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Re: Stick 4k pink hatches/lines

If you're using the TV's USB port and not the supplied power adapter try the supplied power adapter.  If you're already doing that, try one from a phone/tablet that can supply at least 1 Amp.  If it still does it, it's probably time to return it.

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Re: Stick 4k pink hatches/lines

I was using the provided power supply. Just tried another one (able to supply 2A) and same issues. I figured I'd have to return it. Behaving like it has faulty hardware.