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Soundbar Volume Keeps Minimizing When Turning On TV and Roku Ultra

I use a Roku Ultra (SKU# 4802R).  I use it with my LG SLM3R sound bar and LG 55SM8600PUA LED TV.  Both the sound bar and TV are connected to each other by a digital optical cable.  The Roku Ultra is connected directly to the TV via HDMI.  I have noticed that in the past that when I turn on my Roku, using either the power button or voice command on the Roku remote, which is also set to turn on my TV (and the TV and sound bar are synced to turn on together when the TV is turned on), that the volume level changes at start up over time.  In the past, the sound bar would be at level 9 then later it went to level 7, and then it went to Minimum volume (0 Volume).  Once the sound bar reaches minimum volume at startup, I have to manually turn up the volume.  I checked the sound settings on my TV, but I did not see any setting for setting a desired volume level at startup.  I factory reset the sound bar, but that did not solve the volume issue.  When I factory reset the Roku Ultra, it seemed to fix the problem.  Now I am encountering the mentioned volume issues again.  It appears to me that the problem is with the Roku Ultra.  I don't want to have to keep factory resetting the Roku to fix the volume problem.  I suspect that there may be some setting that needs to be adjusted within the Roku's settings or there may be a problem on the manufacturer's end regarding the Roku software.  I do not recall having this problem with my preceding Roku Ultra 4670X player.  Everything else seems to be working properly.  I would appreciate it if someone on here could help me solve this problem.   Thanks in advance. 

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