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Roku stream-bar speaker vibrates and won’t stop

The speaker on my stream-bar won’t quite vibrating and I would like to know what I can do to fix it or about exchanging it for another one that does work. 

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Re: Roku stream-bar speaker vibrates and won’t stop


First, if the device is defective and not damaged, and still under warranty, go here:

Of course, it may be best to do some troubleshooting first just to ensure the issue is indeed with the Streambar and not something else that's making this happen. If it's something else, it could continue with a new Streambar.

So, what is the model number? Settings > System > About

Can you describe the last time it didn't do this, and the first time it did?

What do you mean by "vibrates." Speakers do that; it's how they create sound, so you 're actually talking about something abnormal. Describe it. Imagine we're on the other side of the Internet and haven't seen nor heard your setup. Paint us a picture.

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