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Reel Rookie

Randomly distorted/robotic audio with Roku Express

I bought a Roku Express to cut the cable to DirecTV and their costly monthly bills. I bought two of them. One for the living room tv (which is having the issue) and bedroom. Randomly the audio in the living room will get distorted/robotic on anything we watch.. LiveTV.. LocalTV.. Hulu.. Paramount..

I've tried checking the outlet plug, it's fine.

I've tried two different HDMI ports.

I've rebooted the Internet.

I've reset the Roku system.

Menu sounds fine, but the channels are distorted. I've even bought a soundbar for the tv, thinking it was the tv. Same thing through the soundbar. The only thing I haven't tried is contacting my internet AT&T Fiber.. which seems fine or buying another HDMI cable.

Right now I'm finally trying the bedroom Roku to see if the same issue happens. (I bought the Roku in the living room for my elderly mother to watch tv, who has health issues so I haven't been able to try my bedroom Roku till now).


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Reel Rookie

Re: Randomly distorted/robotic audio with Roku Express

Within minutes of posting this.. Audio was distorted in Living Room Roku.. So far Bedroom Roku is still fine. Wondering if it could be the tv, but the menu sound effects aren't distorted.

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Randomly distorted/robotic audio with Roku Express


Different Roku models have different settings and capabilities.  When asking questions it's always a good idea to mention your Roku model name and model number, which can be found from the Roku home screen via menu path Settings > System > About.

Under Settings > Audio you may have a Volume mode option.  If so, try the various settings to see if it helps.

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