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Reel Rookie

Low Power signal and no canned advice on website helps fix this.

I have my ROKU receiver device (to get channels, not a TV itself) plugged into the wall, not USB. I am only using issued connection material by ROKU, not my own. Only in the past several months, I am getting the low power warning. I unjack and rejack and it works for a while. Then I lose power again.  Is it just that the plugs have a lifespan and my ROKU receiver needs replacement?

I have tried different wall outlets. I have never put USB in the smart TV (a Samsung). Just the connection line to TV and ROKU. The wall plug is from ROKU and so is the power cord.

I cannot seem to get sufficient power. Again, this is relatively new , a few months.

Seemingly related to this, the remote only works if I hold it close to the little ROKU WiFi receiver. I have changed the remote batteries twice, and that is not the issue. Again, past few months.



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Re: Low Power signal and no canned advice on website helps fix this.

My personal belief is that the contacts in the stupid microUSB connectors get oxidized and cause the "low power" warning.  I've sort of proved this by taking an old Express and soldering wires directly to the circuit board and a USB power adapter.  I haven't had the warning since.  Before I did that, I could sometimes swap out the USB cable and get rid of the warning.  If you have the USB cable with the embedded Wi-Fi module then that's not so easy/cheap to do.  Try spraying some electronics cleaner into the microUSB connectors.

As for the remote problem, I don't have any good suggestions.  I don't think it's related, but cleaning all of the connections can't hurt.

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