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HDMI Connection Issues with Roku - Solved

I have had issues where when I start my system up to watch tv, Roku won’t connect. This occurred about 6 months after I originally got it. In order to use it, I had to pull the power cord and reconnect it, forcing a reboot. It apparently started doing it after a software update for the device. I search many forums looking for the solution but nothing worked for me. Things that I have tried;

1. Bought many new high quality HDMI cables and replaced them,

2. I changed every conceivable audio/ visual setting on Roku,

3. Changed connection ports connecting my Roku,

4. Reconnected and rebooted everything,

and nothing worked for very long.

Finally, I learned more about HDMI cables and found that in order for it to pass information between two devices effectively, it must have a good handshake between the devices. I reset the handshake between my Roku and other device, problem solved. Also, I now know if it happens again due to a software issue, I know how to do it again. To reset the handshake;

1. Turn on Roku and the device it is connected.

2. Disconnect the HDMI cable connecting them.

3. Turn off both devices by their on/off buttons.

4. Unplug the power to each device.

5. Wait roughly 5 minutes.

6. Plug the devices back in to their power source.

7. Turn both devices on.

8. Reconnect the HDMI cable between them.

You can turn your system off and watch it startup as it should. I am not technically savvy but I try.

This fixed my problems with the HDMI connection issues. I am now able to use the original HDMI cable with all Roku audio/ video settings in Auto.

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