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HDHomeRun app can't find network tuners

Well, this is an all-time low water mark for my Roku HDHomeRun app.
It used to be I could not get sound from the app on other Roku devices on my network.
Now the HDHomeRun app on my most recent Roku purchase can't even find the connected Silicon Dust devices on my home network.

The Roku is a 4800X - Roku Ultra (Confession - bought it used on Ebay).
Serial number X01000T2HA7U
Software version 12.5.0, build 4178-C2

The HDHomeRun app is
Version 82.0, build 202311110

Do not waste a lot of time on this.
No need to start a ticket and all that stuff. It's no big deal, since my Emby server does just fine playing the HDHomeRun over the air channels through my Roku device.
Even plays video and synced-audio on ATSC 3.0 signals.
I just was hoping this would translate the AC4 audio. But if it can't, that's no big deal. Right now, I would be happy if it would just find the HDHomeRun devices!


Nat Hill IV

ps.  The HDHomeRun app on my Android phone does everything well, even plays an ATSC 3.0 signal with great video and perfectly synced audio.