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Glitchy audio on all Roku devices on a particular station.

So here's my issue. I have 3 Roku's. 2 3931's and 1 3930. I also have Comcast/Xfinity where I live. I use the Xfinity stream app on all my Roku's and they work great. All of them are up to date. My issue is when I tune any of the TV's to my local ABC affiliate, it exhibits a random popping/static sound. It's very intermittent and may not happen at all for a few days, and then it may start up and go like crazy every 10 seconds or so. Then maybe nothing for a few days. It's crazy. It almost has the sound of someone keying up a mic. It's to the point where you can't watch the channel because it's too annoying. All the other stations are fine. I also have a regular Xfinity cable box, and it doesn't happen on the hardwired connection for this particular station either, only the streaming on the Roku's.

I contacted Comcast to see if they could help, but as usual they weren't able to offer any good information.

I tried rebooting my router and re-powering my devices in about as many configurations possible but it doesn't matter. No change. I also changed the audio to every setting possible with no success.

I'm wondering if anyone has a similar situation and if there's any fix?

Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Glitchy audio on all Roku devices on a particular station.

Yes!!!!    I am having this problem and was searching for a solution.  This happens on ABC when using my Roku xfinity app and it is driving my batty!   Hoping to find a solution because it’s so awful, I can’t watch.   

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Roku Guru

Re: Glitchy audio on all Roku devices on a particular station.

Hi @emptyhead @Bullymama

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Does the issue only occur within Xfinity Stream app or across other channels installed on your Roku device? If it's just on one channel, removing then re-installing it may help. To ensure the process is successful, follow the steps below making sure you restart your Roku device before adding the channel again.

  1. Remove the channel: Highlight the channel tile on your home screen and press the Star button to open the options menu. Select Remove channel and confirm.
  2. Restart your Roku device: Restart the device from the settings menu. Go to Settings > System > System restart > Restart.
  3. Re-install the channel: After your Roku device restarts, visit the Roku Channel Store and add the channel again.

If you are still experiencing the issue from one channel after attempting the suggestions above, videos from other channels play fine, contact the channel provider's customer support team to report the issue and get help. Channels on Roku are maintained by the channel developer themselves. There's likely an issue within that specific channel that needs to be addressed with an update from the channel developer.

All the best,

Kariza D.
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Re: Glitchy audio on all Roku devices on a particular station.

It happens only on Bluetooth connected headphones on all channels. The sound cuts out intermittently and it’s annoying as can be. We have:

1. Deleted and re-installed the Roku app on all of our Apple devices as well as removing and reinour Bluetooth headphones. We’ve tried multiple devices and multiple sets of headphones.

2. We have deleted and reinstalled the app on the Roku 4k streaming stick, then rebooted it.

Help, please!

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