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Buffering forever despite Roku player

Some time ago I had problems with my Roku Stick Express, especially watching MLB games. I have a decent internet connection from Xfinity. Among the buffering possible causes was the use of Wi-Fi and they recommended using an Ethernet connection. Over the weekend I bought a brand new Roku Ultra 4802R. It is true that the player looks great and has all the whistles and bells. I thought I had solved my problem.... After factory resetting my old stick, I removed it and installed my brand new Roku Ultra without problem. I authenticated my MLB account and set out to watch a baseball game... The game byself looks better than with the Roku stick, but... ohhh, my friend, when the commercials come the buffering is still there with his baseball little ball spinning like before. Is it that I need more than 120 Mbps to watch MLB? Can someone give me an idea?

By the way, only happen with MLB. Netflix, Apple TV+, etc... are okay. My TV is an LG webOS UN7300PUF.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Buffering forever despite Roku player

No matter how fast your internet connection is, the ethernet connection on the Ultra will run around 88-93 Mb/s. You can check your connection speed in the Roku's network settings. I have never needed more than that.

I recently have seen the same problem intermittently on Youtube free content when some ads are supposed to run. New problem, and I haven't seen it elsewhere. I don't have a MLB account.


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