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Britbox Glitching/Freezing Up

I am having a glitching issue with the Britbox app.  First off, this is the only app with the issue.  I have a Roku Ultra connected to my TV.  When I click on Britbox and chose a program to watch, it starts up but does this jumpy thing.  I have shut it down, restarted Roku, and it may work okay for awhile, but the problem always comes back.  I have confirmed the software is up to date.  Thinking uninstalling the app and re-installing would help, I have found that since I have an annual membership, there is no option available to uninstall the app.  Anyone have this problem with Britbox and has solution/suggestions.  Thanks.

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Re: Britbox Glitching/Freezing Up

If this channel is one for which you have a paid subscription through Roku, there will be a "Manage subscription" option instead of a "Remove channel" option. Click this and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription. Now the "Remove channel" option will be shown and you can proceed to remove the channel. (Your subscription will continue to run for the rest of the prepaid subscription period, but will no longer auto-renew at that point. After re-installing the channel you can reinstate your subscription to restore its auto-renewal if you like.)

Before re-installing the channel, assure you get a clean installation  by clearing your memory cache via a system restart.  Depending on your Roku model and Roku version number you'll find the "System restart" option under  "Settings > System > Power" or if you have no Power option, under "Settings > System".

[Note: For Roku TVs (i.e. ones with Roku capability built in) with "Fast TV Start" enabled, turning the TV off/on just puts it in/out of a standby state and does not give you a full restart.  Use the menu options listed above.]


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