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Cameras "Offline" But Still Stream in App

On iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 17.1.

The smart home app is showing four of my six cams "offline" but when I select them the live video streams correctly and I also get motion notifications correctly. Two indoor cams, one 360 cam and one floodlight cam.

I have power cycled all of the cams and reinstalled the app but it is still showing these four cams "offline" even though the app will still stream them when selected.

App says three of them need firmware updates but can't install the updates because the cams are "offline status unknown"

This is new behavior, everything was working fine until recently.

I have not tried factory resets on the cams but I am hoping to avoid this extra work.

EDIT to add that the camera app on my Roku streaming player also shows the four cameras offline but it will still stream video from each of them.

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Re: Cameras "Offline" But Still Stream in App

My guess is that the cameras can't reach the Roku server, although I wouldn't think you'd get notifications if that was the case.  Try restarting your network equipment (gateway/modem/router) to see if it helps.  I've also seen people reporting that their cameras aren't working properly after a firmware update, but having multiple different cameras I wouldn't think they all updated at the same time.

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Re: Cameras "Offline" But Still Stream in App

All of my cameras came back online by themselves so it must have been a server issue.

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