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connecting roku streamer through sony STR-DH790

I purchased a new surround Sound amp, SONY STR-DH790. I set up all speakers ... got great sound from FM radio. Originally I was watch TV through a ROKU device and sound through the TV speakers. I see 2 HDMI inputs on the back of my 9 year old LG 55". One HDMI is where the ROKU is plugged into. I see no way to come out of the ROKU box with HDMI to get to the amp. I plugged in an HDMI cable from the 2nd input to the amp. No go. HELP!!!

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Roku Guru

Re: connecting roku streamer through sony STR-DH790

If you're just trying to get the Roku playing through the receiver, then the simple way is to connect the Roku to the AVR (Sony). (The limitation of this method is that it works for Roku, Blu-Ray, satellite box, cable box etc. but will not help if you want to listen to over-the-air TV coming through the TV's built-in tuner. That's important to some people - others have forgotten that that exists.)

If you don't want to do that, then you need a path for sound from the TV to the AVR. This breaks down into a couple of basic options: Using HDMI ARC (if supported by the TV) or running some additional cable such as an optical cable.  I suspect that if your TV supported ARC, you would have noticed that one of the ports says "ARC".  However, 9 years old sounds like its "new enough" that ARC was already around by then, so possibly you missed it.  Possibly it's the port that the Roku was already plugged into so you didn't look closely at it.

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