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computer speaker for Roku ultra connected tv

I am using old Roku Ultra connecting to TV via HDMI cable. The remote works well controlling TV power and volume.

Now I would like to connect a computer speaker to TV because TV speaker is not good. There's no 35mm earphone jack in the TV but ACR stereo audio in back. Sound still comes from TV not from the computer speaker when I connect the speaker through ACR stereo cable (red and white pin) in the TV.

I tried to set up "external speaker" from "TV speaker" in the TV menu. Sound is just gone in selecting "external speaker" although the speaker is connected and on. In the "external speaker" status, volume control by the Roku remote is not working. 

Anyone tried to use external speaker connecting to TV while roku player was also connected to the TV?

Of course, if I connect the speaker to earphone jack in the roku remote, it works well. 

All I want is that sound comes through the speaker connected to TV and can control volume using roku remote. 

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