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Wrong channels showing available

I have just received my Roku express and I can’t get bbc or channel 4 or itv only American channels.

I specifically ordered this through Amazon Uk and on the box it shows itv etc 

whats going wrong? 

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Re: Wrong channels showing available

Is the Roku currently in the U.K.? That makes a difference.

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Re: Wrong channels showing available

No it was posted to the Netherlands 

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Re: Wrong channels showing available

Are those Roku channels supported there?  How did you determine that? 

I ask the latter, because, since Roku itself does not support The Netherlands, it seems hard to tell what Roku channels might work there. When you use a Roku in an unsupported region, the answer seems to be: What you get is what you get.

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Re: Wrong channels showing available

Read the fine print here: Roku

I'm seeing "Channels are subject to change and vary by country."

What you see on the box is just referring to content customers can expect to get in the region where it's being sold. Since they don't make it clear that those channels are not necessarily available outside the U.K., just return it for a refund. You shouldn't need a reason anyway.

Don't exchange it, it's working as expected if the content is restricted regionally. Buying it from Amazon U.K. won't change that.

You can check with BBC, ITV, etc. to confirm if their Roku channels are available in the Netherlands, I haven't checked.


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