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TV stuck in “Network Settings” page. Cannot navigate away from this page, or return to home screen.

Hey guys! I have owned my RokuTV for around a week now. Suddenly, as of an hour ago, I’m having an odd issue.


NORMALLY, WHEN I TURN ON THE TV… it immediately displays the Roku TV homepage. From this homepage, I can view all the featured free Roku TV, or simply change the HDMI input connect to my Xbox One (main thing I use the TV for).



For the first time since owning the TV, it did not open directly to the homepage. Instead, it opened directly to the “network settings” page. I’m unable to leave this screen by pressing the “home” or “back” button. It’s like, no controls or buttons allow me to leave this page at all.

From this insescapable network setup page, the only thing I can do is push the arrows around to navigate within this network setup page, and press “OK”. There is no “exit” option. There is no way to escape. Resetting the TV doesn’t fix it either, it simply starts back up at the network setup page.

Secondly, I cannot connect to my personal hotspot (iPhone) from here like I always used to. I don’t even want to tonight, but I figured it’s my only way to escape this glitch so I tried and it won’t work, even with the password entered correctly.


Any ideas as to how to simply get back to my usual Roku TV homepage? It only opens directly into the same, inescapable network settings page.

All I want to do is use my Xbox. Thanks guys!

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Re: TV stuck in “Network Settings” page. Cannot navigate away from this page, or return to home scre


I think first thing i would do is just unplug it for a few mins.  Might as well unplug the Xbox HDMI from the RokuTV as well.  When you plug it back in, see if reboots normally.  Then reconnect Xbox.

Also try some new batteries in the Remote and give it (the remote) a pretty good whack.  Would not be the first user to receive bad batteries with a remote.

Install the official Roku remote mobile app to your phone, available from both Apple and Play Stores. Then see if the mobile app is able to connect to your RokuTV and you regain some control over it. (May not work if the RokuTV not connected to a network since both devices (RokuTV and phone) must be on same network.

The final thing to try (although not great idea when you are having trouble connecting to a network and compounded when you do not have a working remote) is to perform a factory reset.  (Press and hold the Reset button for 30+ seconds). *Note: you cannot use the mobile app to setup/activate the RokuTV.  Must use a physical remote to complete setup before mobile app can be used.


Generally, for warranty issues with a RokuTV, you have to contact the manufacturer of the RokuTV.

However, if all the above does not work and TV is less than a week old, if practical, just return to place of purchase and get a new one.  If not practical, I would probably head to Walmart/Target/Best Buy etc, and purchase either an inexpensive universal streaming IR remote compatible with RokuTVs and see if that gets me going, or the Roku Voice Remote. (would help narrow down issue to bad remote).  I would probably just buy both and return the unwanted one later if helped in diagnosing issue.

You can test your current Roku remote by pointing it at your cell phone (while in camera mode) and pushing the remote buttons.  Each button should produce a purple or red light noticeable to the camera that you can see on the phone screen.  At least tells you if the buttons on the remote are actually working.


Feel free to update or if you need more help. 




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