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Roku sticks and I don't have the remote but it will not let me do anything over apps or

I would like to set up my Roku stick but I can't because the three remotes won't reprogram to the Roku stick and every app that I have downloaded is overloaded my phone because none of them work I am getting irritated because this equipment is supposed to be awesome it's turning out to be garbage I would like some help getting it figured out so please somebody know something that will help I can't set it up online and hook it up to the Internet because it's at the restart page or the start page for asking what language how am I supposed to move forward if I can't control the darn thing please and thank you if somebody would help that would be awesome

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Re: Roku sticks and I don't have the remote but it will not let me do anything over apps or


I'm guessing you "factory reset" your ROKU or it's new "out of the box"? If so, then you will need either the remote that came with your ROKU or get a compatible remote. Your phone won't work as a remote, if you factory reset your ROKU, the ROKU needs to be fully set up 1st. If you post exactly what ROKU, it's name and model number. Maybe someone can tell you the exact remote you need, If you do not have one, there are many available that are not expensive. best I can do with the info you provided.

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