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Roku not recognized by HDMI Ports any all 3 of my Samsung TVs

Hello, I have 3 new Samsung TV's and when I plug the Roku into the HDMI port of any of them and have it powered with the power source provided it does not find anything plugged into the HDMI port to continue. 

The Roku worked on my older LG TV's but now is not working on my new Samsung TVs.  I have also already tried resetting it several times. 

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Re: Roko not recognized by HDMI Ports any all 3 of my Samsung TV's

Perhaps this info originally posted by @VOB may prove useful.

[Disable Samsung's Input Signal Plus]

From within your Samsung TV Settings..General..External Device Manager HDMI... Input Signal Plus (turn to Off)

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Some have found that you need to switch the HDMI input (using Samsung Remote) in order to initialize the handshake on certain Samsungs and LGs. (Using remote, select another input, then back to the input your Roku is actually on.  Make sure your Roku is awake by pressing Home button.)

Post back with an update.  Include TV model numbers and Roku model number.


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Re: Roko not recognized by HDMI Ports any all 3 of my Samsung TV's

For what it's worth, if anything, I've had no such problem with my Samsung TV in my livingroom, with any of the three different Rokus that have been used with it over the years.

You said you are using the power source provided, but as this could be important, just to be sure, are you powering your Roku device by plugging it into a USB port on your television?

The USB power ports on many TVs shut down when you turn the tv off, on some they stay powered up even when the TV is off.  If your USB port is only powered when the TV is on, this means the Roku must start back up each time you turn on the TV.  If the TV starts up faster than the Roku, when the TV checks its HDMI ports, the Roku may not yet be responding and the TV assumes there is nothing connected to that port.  As mentioned above, a work around for this problem is switching the TV to a different input then back which forces the TV to check the Roku's HDMI port again.

The way to fix this is to forget the USB port on the TV and power your Roku device via the power adapter that came with it, plugged into your house power.  The Roku will stay powered up and will be able to respond instantly when the TV starts up and checks its HDMI ports.  If you no longer have the USB power adapter that came with your device, you may have another one handy from another device that can be used -- just make sure the tiny print on it confirms it has a 5 volt dc output of at least 1 amp.

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