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ROKU Express 4k+ reverts to 1024x768

I recently purchased a new Roku Express 4k+ and set it up with an hdmi connection to my Benq TK700STI 4k projector. When I setup the 4k on the Roku it works great. I verify the resolution is truly 4k and it is. I then change my input on the projector or turn it off and then come back to the Roku later (time doesn't matter 30 seconds or 1 day, same result) and the display is at 1024x768. I then go to system settings change it to 4k HDR and it works great without issue. I then repeat the process and same thing. I go back to the settings and it is set for 4k HDR as I left it, but it's actually running 1024x768. I've tried all the tricks I could find, turned off sleep, made sure it was not on auto detect, went to the secret HDMI menu and disabled HDMI fast suspend and auto recovery. I verified the cables and they are all 8k with ethernet. The HDMI secret screen reports it does not support 4k but it obviously does and the initial setup of the device verified 4k HDR. This is my last resort before returning this.

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