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Reel Rookie

Phone App Unable To Find Roku Stick

I just changed my ISP. As a result, my Roku tv stick is no longer on network. I do not have a physical/dedicated Roku remote. I've been using the app on my phone to control my channels.

I went to the option to manually connect. There are no Roku devices to be found on the new network. I hit the reset and it's looking for a remote to enter information, i.e. language (currently that's as far as I can get).

The remote option on the app is "blacked out" because it can't find the device on the network.

Long story: Do I need an actual Roku remote device to enter the info so I can have the television stick find my new network?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: Phone App Unable To Find Roku Stick

Now that you've factory reset it and it's asking you to select a language you need a physical remote and for a stick it must be one of the Voice Remotes (a "simple" remote won't do). You can order one or find them at Walmart or Target. Given the sales going on you may find it more cost effective to get a new Roku device especially if it's a model from several years ago.

One last note, if it's an old purple stick (model number 3500) no current remote will work with it.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: Phone App Unable To Find Roku Stick

Well, not what I wanted to read, but I appreciate the prompt response. I have someone in my circle that has a voice remote. I'll have to borrow it at some point to get things back up and running.

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