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PC can't find roku

Hello. I've been having an issue with my PC and Roku talking to each other. I assumed it was something on the PC end, but after spending a while on a Microsoft help website, we sort of gave up. So maybe it's a Roku thing? Maybe there's something else I'm overlooking? So I thought I'd ask here. I'll try to summarize everything I know so far.

Goal: Get my PC to recognize my Roku so I can screen mirror to watch some stuff.

Problem: No matter what I cannot seem to get my Roku to show up on any list of devices when clicking "Project", "Connect", or any such thing.

Why this is weird: While the above is happening, if I click on the "Network" tab in file explorer, my Roku is listed there in an unalterable form (see image at the bottom).

What I know so far:

-I have an up to date Roku 3 (4200x) with the options for screen mirroring enabled

-My PC (windows 10) and my Roku are on the same wifi network

-My network drivers are all up to date, wifi network is set to Private

-My PC is "Ready to connect wirelessly", but does had an addition saying that my device might have trouble displaying content due to hardware not being "specifically designed for wireless projection"


So yeah, I am at a loss of what to try. I will post an image below with the network tab thing.

And if anyone wants to see my previous help thread, it's here 

So if anyone has any suggestions of what to do, I'd highly appreciate it, thank you for your time!

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Re: PC can't connect to Roku Ultra

I am having the exact same problem.  I am trying to mirror the PC to a Roku Ultra.  I always get unable to connect.  Have you found a solution?

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Re: PC can't find roku

Hello friends, after checking all the settings mentioned both on my PC and Roku TV, my pc would still not connect.

The discovery: I have 5G and 2G available on my router. I could not connect on the 5G but connected fine on the 2G. 

Just a quick recommendation to try this if you have the same.

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Re: PC can't find roku .

Same issue. has this been resolved yet?

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Reel Rookie

Re: My PC Can't Find Roku And I've Just About Had It!

I don't know if our problems are precisely the same, but I think my PC being unable to Miracast has a lot to do with it.  I'll tell you one thing, though: My firestick is able to pretty much, effortlessly, connect to my PC to play files on players like Nova Video player.  VLC would be great but VLC has their heads and won't fix their app that doesn't allow you to press "OK" to connect.  Roku is "sad," because it is so proprietary that it cuts its own throat constantly. I'll tell you what, I'll trade anyone here my Roku for another Firestick or a Firecube or whatever.  "Hey, Roku, pull your heads out and serve your customer base!!! There are working apps out there that people need but you're too arrogant to install them on your system.  Keep ignoring your customers and see what happens."

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