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Issue adding a new device to existing Roku account

I am attempting to add a new Roku to an existing Roku account that currently has 2 devices.  The other 2 devices are at our other home, which uses a different internet provider than the one that I am adding the new device to.  I get all the way through the setup instructions where you enter your email address to either your existing account or to create an account.  After entering my email address, I never received an email to activate the device.  I went into my Roku app and it is showing my 2 current units and is showing the new unit is connected, but it will not allow me to set the name and location of the device and tells me to sign in to manage my roku devices, but I’m already logged in to my account.  I have done several factory resets and at my wits end.  HELP!

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Re: Issue adding a new device to existing Roku account


If your new Roku device is currently activated and working properly, and all you want to do is rename it and the location, go to your online dashboard/account at (or,, and scroll to the bottom of the page after logging in.  

Look for "My streaming devices & TVs" and locate your Roku device.  On the far left of screen next to the device name will be a little "pen" icon.  Click this icon to edit the name of the device.  Then look for this same pen icon under the location column and edit the location of your device.

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