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Audio will only play thru TV speakers, not Bose surround sound

I purchased a ROKU streamer for my parents to be able to watch VTN. He has a Samsung TV and Bose surround sound system. No problems with any other device(s). However, when he changes the source on his TV to watch the VTN program, the audio form the VTN does not play, Audio from the TV source (cable tv) plays. We have to turn his speakers on the TV and mute the TV source to get audio. This isn't very simple for an 89 year old man that's technology challenged. Any suggestions? I was there over the Christmas weekend and i checked all of his settings and nothing else worked. 

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Re: Audio will only play thru TV speakers, not Bose surround sound

@Jonzy63 It sounds like the Bose surround system is connected to the cable box and not to the TV.  To get sound through the Bose surround system from the Roku device, the Bose system must be connected to the Samsung TV.  If the Bose system has an HDMI input and the Samsung TV has an HDMI ARC connection that would be best.  If the Samsung TV has only HDMI but none labeled HDMI ARC they will not work.  ARC stands for audio return channel and allows an HDMI connection on the TV which is normally an input to the TV to act as an output for Audio only.  If the Samsung TV does not have an HDMI ARC it should have an optical audio out that may be able to connect to the Bose surround system.

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