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Reel Rookie

Account information found on new Roku device

Due to erratic behavior, we decided to replace my mother's Roku Premiere with a new model which was purchased as new at a local Walmart. Upon installation we found that the Disney+ channel was linked to someone else's account. My mother has two subscriptions: 1) Amazon Prime video; 2) Disney+ through Verizon. (There may have been more information linked to the device, but we didn't look.) The information included in the Disney account showed email and profile data. We were able to access the channel without any problem.

Unfortunately, we could not delete the account information. We attempted three software factory resets, two hardware factory resets, and multiple channel deletions and reinstallations. No matter...the account information remained. Opening the Disney+ channel went straight to the profile page and there was no option to delete. After not being able to resolve the issue, I initiated an online chat with a Roku representative. After explaining the issue, including how we had tried factory resets, the support person presumed the issue was the fault of Disney and abruptly terminated the link.

Although I did not think this problem was the fault of Disney and/or Verizon, I contacted Disney and sought their advice. After spending almost an hour with two of their support personnel (which included account resets, etc), we were at a dead end. I then decided to reinstall the older Roku and found that my mom's account was as it should be. Therefore, the only variable in this equation is the 'new' Roku device. To that end, we went to Walmart and purchased another Premiere and after installation, everything worked as it should.

So, allow me to close with the following:

1. After this experience and judging what I found after a few online searches, the chance of this *not* being a Roku problem is essentially zero. Either you are repackaging refurbs and selling them as new, or someone is somehow linking accounts to the MACs on the devices. The fact that factory resets aren't erasing all data from the device is troubling.

2. I have informed, via the email address associated with the account, the owner of the Disney+ account that his info is being leaked by your device.

3. Your support staff, if my experience is any indication, is both poorly educated in both the how and why this problem could occur (especially in light of how many similar reports I saw after my online searches) and the manner in which they deal with customers. I would rate my experience as a big zero.

4. I will also be posting this complaint online so as to warn others should they experience the same problem.

Community Streaming Expert

Re: Account information found on new Roku device

Yours isn't the first complaint I've seen about a new device having a channel/app linked to someone else's account.  It has usually been HBO MAX.  I don't know what's happening, but it would be interesting to hear from the account holder if he ever returned a Roku device after linking it to his Disney account.

Roku Community Streaming Expert

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Reel Rookie

Re: Account information found on new Roku device

In the discussion at the Roku sub-reddit, there's been speculation as to what might have happened. A Roku rep PM'ed me and I sent them more detailed information, but have heard no reply. I am as curious as anyone as to why and how this happened. Hopefully we'll know more, soon.

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