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Ads on the remote app now?

I got on the app to access the remote and on the continue watching screen I see an ad for Taco Bell. I’ve never seen an ad before and this feels cheap and annoying. 

We are already subjected to enough ads on the streaming side, now we have to look at this bull on the access side of it? 

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Roku Guru

Re: Ads on the remote app now?

Roku makes most of its money from ad revenue. It's literally all they care about no matter how much it annoys customers. That is why they won't give us programmable buttons on the remote at the bottom, instead they sell them to streaming companies so those buttons only ever open their apps. Also the customer support at Roku is a joke, they are not a very good company at all when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Roku Guru

Re: Ads on the remote app now?

I rarely use mine, but did a check and see no ads. That Continue Watching list is a bit out of date anyways, showing stuff I already watched yesterday.

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