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older model compatibility

Hello.  New to the community. I have one of the original Rokus from 2016 that is compatible with older CRT type tv's. It works OK, but even after the software upgrade I'm getting a message that says my model won't work with Amazon Prime anymore. Getting the same message for at least one other streaming service. I'm OK with the fact that I'm going to have to buy used because current models are HDMI only. Are there older discontinued models that are compatible with Amazon Prime AND have the composite connections? Thanks

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Roku Guru

Re: older model compatibility

Here's a list of models that Amazon announced they were dropping support for.

It looks like the last model of Roku that had composite was the 3910 released in 2017.  (This was labeled Roku Express+, but beware that Roku reuses model names and the name Express+ was also applied to later models without composite. - so be sure to look for the 3910.)

There are also even older models with composite, but in the streaming world, 5 years old seems plenty old already.

Roku Guru

Re: older model compatibility

Prime has dropped of of all units with CPUs slower than 900MHz.

The Roku Wikipedia article at is a good reference to work out systems with > 900MHz and composite output.

The 5th generation Roku Express+ (3710 and 3910) fit the bill (the "plus" is the key to composite output) and that's the end of analog output.

You might instead invest in an HDMI to composite adapter and just grab any HDMI Roku. They sell on Amazon with the search term "HDMI2AV" or "HDMI to RCA." You want the "Digital to Analog" version, NOT the "Analog to Digital" version. Be careful to get one that takes HDMI as *input*. They are about $10-$20 USD. And they will need USB external power, so a Roku with a USB port will provide that little power or you need to get a little USB power adapter.

At that point, any HDMI device can talk to your TV. 

"HDMI to RCA Roku" is probably the best search for the device you need.


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