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Roku express volume buttons work on another tv

I have the roku express and I have 2 of them one for the living room and one for my room and I cant use the volume for my tv but if i go with the same remote on the tv in the living room (which is right next to my room) and the volume works on the tv in the living room please help

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Re: Roku express volume buttons work on another tv

First, let's confirm the Roku you have. The Roku Express doesn't come with a remote with TV controls. The Roku Express+ does. That makes a difference. Since you used the "Express" name and have a remote that has TV controls, I'm going to proceed as if you have the Express+ and not the Express.

Next, not all TVs can be controlled by Roku remotes. Many can. Heck, most can. But not every TV model can be controlled by the Roku remote.

For some that can be controlled by the Roku remote, some TV models have different code configurations and it can be difficult to get the right one of your particular TV model doesn't use the most common code for that model.

I'd suggest trying to reconfigure your remote for your TV.

Settings > Remotes & devices > Remotes > Voice Remote > Set up remote for TV control

Go through the steps to configure the remote for the TV. Keep in mind that it may not work. That's because Roku didn't program all the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of different remote codes into the remotes.

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