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Roku Ultra 4660X not connecting to Wireless network - Tracker issue 65-484-047 12/2/2021

Tonight I turned on my TV/Roku to watch a movie and got the reef screen. It would not connect to Amazon Prime, Netflix, or other channels, indicating that I had a poor internet connection.  It started to reload the Prime channel but the reload was crawling and never completed. Same for Netflix.  Roku complained of a Poor internet download connection.  There is an excellent connection to the wireless network where the Roku sits and I have no issue connecting any other device to the network or the internet.  I tried the manual update and it updated to 10.5.0 build 4208-46.  Following this update, the Roku would see the Wireless network, but would no longer connect to the Wireless network!  I tried to re-enter my network SSID manually, as well as the network password, to no avail.  I then followed it up with a factory reset, and the game is over!  No connection to the wireless via the setup at all.

Can support provide a manual USB update file via the computer, to download and use on the Ultra to get it working and connected again?  Otherwise, this device is a doorstop!!

Looking for answers........

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku Ultra 4660X not connecting to Wireless network - Tracker issue 65-484-047 12/2/2021

I just discovered by accident...trial and error! I told the Roku remote with voice to cast Amazon Prime Video to tv and it did!!! We haven't been able to get it on in days! 

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