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Roku M1001 will not turn on

My Roku M1001 audio streamer (no TV, this dude is OLD) no longer powers on.  One day it just stopped.  AC adapter looks good, it will power on other devices, like my router.  This little dude was just what we wanted, no fancy 4K video streaming, stuff like that.  It just streamed audio (internet radio for us) to my home stereo system.  It was beautiful, just did exactly what we needed it to do.  So there any hope?  Like the power module in the unit?

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Re: Roku M1001 will not turn on

My goodness! I'm actually shocked it's worked for this long (released Oct 2009). Honestly, it simply wouldn't be worth the effort to try to repair it. While someone with the tools and skills necessary might be able to find the problem, you'd pay far more than it's worth. 

There's a multitude of streaming players available for little cost if you're not concerned with the video side of things Roku has the Express (although I prefer the next model up, the Premiere, since it's a bit better device), Walmart sells the Onn 4K media player (I know, it's 4K but it's usually on sale for $20), Amazon has the Fire TV, and there's literally dozens of inexpensive Android based players available online. You might be most comfortable sticking with the Roku for simplicity's sake. 


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Re: Roku M1001 will not turn on

Your device was released in 2006. That makes it 16 years old. There isn’t anyway to fix it unless you find some parts off eBay. Times have changed. Everyone has a smartphone and a Bluetooth speaker. You can even stream music to your TV. No one uses a device such as yours anymore. I imagine you have a smartphone or a laptop. You can buy a Bluetooth speaker for less then it would take to fix your M1001. So are you looking to stream music?

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Re: Roku M1001 will not turn on

I see used and New-Old-Stock samples of these on ebay.  Some of them are from vendors that allow returns, some not.

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Re: Roku M1001 will not turn on

I totally hear you - I've always loved the simplicity and aesthetics of this device for streaming music. And for older audio receivers you do need something you can physically plug in.

Mine also stopped powering on a while back. I bought a new power supply (cheap and generic) and that did the trick. Just had to make sure it was the right power rating like the old one.

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