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Roku 2 - no more iPlayer, ITV, My5, NowTV etc.

I have a ROKU 2 device, a month ago I was able to had BBC iPlayer, ITV, My5, NowTV, SKY but I returned from a few weeks holiday to find that my Device seems to have been wiped clean. the home screen only had NETFLIX ... I have looked to reinstall apps. they do not appear in the list. (Oh I am in London in case you are wondering ... ). I have searched under streaming channels - but no luck. it seems to only have obscure American content. 

1. what has happened ?

2. How can I get all the channels back ?

Please help


Model 4205EU - Roku 2 (UK)

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Re: Roku 2 - no more iPlayer, ITV, My5, NowTV etc.

Check BBC website, older model Rokus get desupported over time.

If that is what has happened, then no way are they coming back. Time to upgrade (if you can afford it, Streambar, unless you have soundbar already, in which case Ultra).

Otherwise, factory reset, relink to account, everything you did have should come back, may need to force the device to check for updates a few times immediately or 24 hours later

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Re: Roku 2 - no more iPlayer, ITV, My5, NowTV etc.

I have a Roku 2 as well as a new RCA TV with Roku built in.  On the TV I am able to watch Sesame Street shows, but on the Roku 2, it starts to open the Sesame Street page, but then gives and error and says the channel is not available right now, and to try again later, but it still doesnt work days later.  Was Sesame Street a channel that was dropped on the Roku 2?

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Re: Roku 2 - no more iPlayer, ITV, My5, NowTV etc.


I'm thinking "No" because if the app is on the device, the developer is supporting it. If the device is excluded (that's by model number, not model name) then it can't be added to the device. And it's on your device.

Now, there were two devices called "Roku 2." There were four other devices called "Roku 2 [some suffix]" which are all no longer supported.

The Roku 2 model 2720 is essentially a souped-up Roku 1. It's officially supported, and many apps support it, but it's a very old and sluggish device.

The Roku 2 model 4210 is a Roku 3 on the inside. It's still old, but a much better device than the even older Roku 2 model 2720.

Which do you have?

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