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Reel Rookie

Question about visualization of Soundbridge M1001

Hello everybody

I have one question about the visualization of the Soundbridge M1001. When the soundbridge is streaming, the ID Tag information with the station information, title and artist pops up only for 2 seconds, then the date and time were visualized. I think that I pressed in the past a buttom combination at the remote control, but I dont no which combination it was. In the presets and menu it is not possible to switch between the visualization during the streaming. Which buttons must I press, that I saw during the streaming station, information, artist and title?

Thanks a lot for helping


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Binge Watcher

Re: Question about visualization of Soundbridge M1001

That's a fun one. This should probably be in 'Roku legacy products'

It sounds like you have the Visualization settings set to "Clock" and "Full-screen visualization"
that would cause about 2 seconds of meta data then a return to displaying the time.
You should be able to change this even when streaming a radio station or a local source like iTunes
menu->settings->visualizer settings->Partial-screen visualization
then scroll to 'Select Visualizer" and pick something you like. it's probably already on 'Clock'
I like 'Frequency Analyzer'

Reel Rookie

Re: Question about visualization of Soundbridge M1001

Hello cfourrou

Many thanks 😊 I try it and it works 👍 


Have a nice day and many greetings from a German guy who lives in Hungary


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