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Have two voice remotes, neither will pair with any of my three devices

The three devices are Roku 2, 3, and Premier +. The remotes seem alike but one has a Disney button and takes AAA batteries where the other has HBO button and takes AA. The only device that will transmit any picture at all is the Roku 2, so probably it's not fair to say the remotes won't pair with them, but I couldn't resist sharing the scale of my Roku issues. (Tried lots of different HDMI cables.)

My procedure is: Batteries (fresh "unpermitted in this community" type, begins with L) out of remote, power off device 5+ sec., power on, wait for home screen, insert batteries, press pairing button, get pairing led blinking, wait. Never get the pairing screen.

I see advice to connect to router. No clue how, especially without a working remote! Also mention of router interference, router is nearby. Can't move it, can't move modem. Moving the Roku, semi hidden now, will be a **bleep** and the boss probably won't permit it.


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Re: Have two voice remotes, neither will pair with any of my three devices


What's not clear is what you get on the screen when you turn on the Roku devices. You indicated the Roku 2 (unsure if it's model 2720 or 4210) plays. But not what happens when the Roku 3 (4200 or 4210) or Premiere+ (4630 or 3921) are on.

You also haven't described the layout. Are they in sight of each other? Because while the devices came with WiFi Direct remotes (except the 4210), and all work with WiFi Direct remotes (including the 4210), they all also work with IR remotes (included with the 4210). So, one solution is an IR remote. But, if they are in range of each other, an IR remote will control them all at the same time, which is less than ideal.

Given the age of the devices, it's possible that they could bad. However, three (or two, I think, from your description) at the same time indicates some common cause. That could be a power surge impacting the devices. It could also be someone screwing around with the remotes our of ignorance or malice.

So, let us know more about the layout, and what shows on the TV when the devices are turned on.

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