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Dumping Roku for something better

Is anyone else dumping Roku and getting some other device going forward? I had been a fan, with 4 Roku devices including a TV and 3 streaming devices. Now I find that they are no longer supporting some of the most popular apps like HULU and want me to buy newer models that they will support the apps on. Since the apps work fine on these devices now, it's clear this is just a ploy to make more money off us loyal customers. No thanks. There are plenty of other streaming devices that I can chose without being strong armed into buying them like Roku is doing. 

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Roku Guru

Re: Dumping Roku for something better

You should see the web browser on my first personal computer.  Oh, right, there isn’t one. (Also true of my second, third, fourth and fifth personal computers.)  Technology keeps on moving on.  You can change brands along the way if you like.  If whatever device you have is considered obsolete, then it’s a safe bet that whatever you buy, same brand or not, will be “something better”.

Channel Surfer

Re: Dumping Roku for something better

You could dump Hulu instead. Just sayin.

Roku Guru

Re: Dumping Roku for something better

The Rokus have had longer lifetimes that most mobile phones and laptops, and certainly more longevity that competing streaming devices. An AppleTV or Fire Stick of the same age will also not support the modern Hulu app. In fact, the older AppleTVs didn’t support Hulu at all.

Roku is the most generous with software upgrades and longevity of support. They also have a generous discount for loyal users with obsolete devices, at

It ok to be mad that you need to upgrade, but that’s not Roku, it’s the whole industry. Among other competitors, Roku requires the least money to stay up to date.

Binge Watcher

Re: Dumping Roku for something better

What you said is true but Roku doesn't listen to it users base and we are tired of it.

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