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Reel Rookie

Dropped Roku and now it won't work

I dropped my Roku 3 on the carpet and normally it's fine, but for some reason it won't work, and won't let me press the reset button, the shell is not broken, and I don't know where to take it to get it fixed or what to do. I tried unplugging and plus back in, inspecting the whole thing but no luck. HELP! I have all my subscriptions on here and don't remember my password to anything and the only thing keeping my sanity from my kids 

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Re: Dropped Roku and now it won't work


There's a lot of stuff that will need to be addressed, and some of it won't be fun.

Focusing on your reset button issue, the Roku 3 models had a pinhole (my 4200 does). You aren't able to straighten a paper clip and use it to press the button inside?

However, before you actually do that, you are going to need your Roku password. Did you not use it when you logged in to your Roku account to post on this board? Or did you create a new one for this forum?

Do you know the email address you used on your Roku? It would normally be found at Settings > System > About, but as it's not working, you can't access that.

On you should be able to log in and scroll all the way down to see the Roku devices on your account. And, if you know the email address you used for that, and have access to that email address, you can reset your password from the Roku login page on your Web browser.

Once we get all that resolved, I'll then ask just why you had a Roku in your had to drop it, as being in someone's hand is not normal use of a device. But that's for later.

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Re: Dropped Roku and now it won't work

I have a Roku 3… it has NO light now… I checked the power and the HDMI cable… everything works except the Roku box!

I tried pushing a paperclip into the pinhole but still no light… what can I try next? Can’t call Roku support because it’s too old I guess… no idea why the light stopped working? So nothing comes up on the TV screen either.

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Re: Dropped Roku and now it won't work

@DeltaBizz, electronics do die.  It's possibly the power adapter that died.  If you have another one from a Roku 3 give it a try.  If not, replacement power adapters can be bought, but that may or may not be the problem.

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